The Farmers Gremio have the right to be the last in the procession during the descent from Piazza Castello along Corso Vittorio Emanuele and to be the first to enter the church of Santa Maria at the end of the "descent." The Candelieri are big wooden columns (they symbolise candles) that weigh more than a hundred kilograms. During the descent they are carried by "bearers" who make the Candelieri 'dance' to the insistent rhythm of the drums. As the "Candeliere" of the Farmers arrives in front of the Palazzo di Città in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the traditional meeting between the representatives of the Gremio and the mayor and city councillors takes place. The Farmers' "Major Obriere" greets the mayor using this expression "A zent'anni" that means "I wish you could live for another hundred years", and then he hoists his Gremio's large white flag that is the only flag carried in the procession.

Images of the Candelieri's great celebration
Images of the Candelieri's great celebration   At this point the mayor and city councillors join the procession and the "Faradda" starts. In the local language 'Faradda' means "the Candelieri's Descent".
At this point, by tradition, the citizens clap or hiss to show their approval or disapproval of the work of the city council. Over the years this tradition has lost its spontaneity and nowadays claps and hisses no longer express the true feelings of the citizens but are organised "claques".
The crowd follows the procession along Corso Vittorio Emanuele as far as the church of Santa Maria where a religious rite is celebrated and where there are the chapels of six of the nine Gremis. Inside the church the Candelieri are placed around the 'Virgin Mary's Bed' while the clergy and the mayor with the population begin the ceremony of gratitude.

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