CAGLIARI: pensi ad una città ed è una vacanza
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the church of Nostra Signora di Bonaria

Eating and drinking: There are many restaurants, trattorie, and bars, along with hidden-from-view private clubs, spread throughout the new neighborhoods.

Culture: The New Municipal Theater in Via S.Alenixedda replaced the 19th century structure destroyed during the war. During the opera and concert season, it is the most important theater in the city. Not far from the church of S. Saturnino, the Exma (ex-mattatoio - former slaughterhouse) hosts temporary exhibits and cultural activities. Near the Molentargius salt-marsh in the La Palma district, the Teatro delle Saline (Theater of the Saltworks) offers contemporary theatrical productions. Rock and jazz concerts are scheduled at the Fiera Internazionale.

Promenades and open spaces: The cemetery on the Monreale-Bonaria hillside, among urns, chapels and marble busts, offers a pleasant occasion for a quiet walk among rare species of trees and vegetation. Cagliari's only real park space is located in the heart of Monte Urpinu. Don't miss the colorful open-air market in the S. Elia neighborhood on Sundays. As mentioned above, near the La Palma district is one of the entrances to the Molentargius lagoon, an exceptional bird refuge requiring an extremely discrete and patient visit. Further east, the long and beautiful Poetto beach and the Marina Piccola yacht basin provide ample opportunity for all water sports and beach activities.

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