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There are frequent Jazz and Rock concerts during the summer season at the Fair Grounds in V.le Diaz and theatrical presentations at the Alfieri cinema and in the cloister of S. Domenico. There are regular shows at the Akroama Center in Monserrato, the Palazzo d'Inverno in via Principe Amedeo, the Teatro dell'Arco in via Porto Scalas, the Alkestis Room in via Loru and the Aspis Center in Pirri.
The "Istituzione dei Concerti G. Pierluigi da Palestrina is one of Italy's 13 national opera houses. The annual programs offer concerts, chamber music, opera and ballet. The Spaziomusica Association organizes contemporary classical music concerts. It is also responsible for the academic aspects of the concerts and the popularization of this type of music.

The Cooperativa Sardinia Jazz organizes an International Jazz Festival in Cagliari. This annual event has been staged for over 20 years. The Associazione Sardegna Concerti e Produzioni organizes the main rock and pop concerts.
Ballet has had something of a checkered history in Cagliari in recent years. It has been included in the programs of large shows, sometimes being cancelled before the shows began.

Traditional theatre is organized by CEDAC and the Cooperativa Teatro di Sardegna. CEDAC organizes a theatrical season (November to April) and they also organize "Notte dei poeti" (The night of the poets) at the Roman Amphitheater in Nora. For "Off Broadway" and experimental theatre the best place to visit is the Akroama in Monserrato.

During the summer months in Cagliari there are two major open air evening entertainment's offered. The first is an Opera Season held in the Roman Amphitheater. The second is the so called "Cinema sotto le Stelle" (Cinema under the stars) which is held at Marina Piccola. The program includes recent blockbuster films and some cult films. Is Maccareddas a puppet theatre group also do open air shows in the afternoons and in the evenings.

Teatro Alkestis Via Loru, 31 tel. 070/306392
Teatro Akroama Via XXXI Marzo 1943 070/580241
Teatro Audutorium Via Baccaredda, 67 tel. 070/401618
Cada Die Teatro Via Italia Pirri tel 070/662994
Teatro Comunale Via S. Alinixedda, 111/E tel. 070/40821
Teatro Cripta di S. Domenico Via XXIV Maggio
Teatro delle Saline Via La Palma tel. 070/341322
Isola Teatro Via Danimarca, 4 Quaru S. Elena tel. 070/811515
Teatro Palazzo d'Inverno Via Principe Amedeo, 31/33 tel. 070/651006


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