Then there is Piscinas, one of the most beautiful place in Sardinia. From Piscinas to Scivu there is almost 10 kilometers of coast, a corner of the Mediterranean Sea which is still unspoiled, where it is possible to admire a sea of sand that represents a unique phenomenon in Italy.
3.000 acre of dunes that attract naturalists from all over the world. An unbelievably beautiful view of gold colored sand which fades in to the horizon and that is unforgettable at sunset.

They seem to be stretches of African desert and it is not a coincidence that it has been recalled the "Sahara d’Italia" (the"Sahara of Italy").
These dunes face a green and transparent sea, are over 2 kilometers wide and are not far from the mining outposts of Ingurtosu and Naracauli. They are flanked by deserted galleries and salt corroded mining wagons.
It is the Mistral wind that shapes the landscape of this stretch of coast.

The Mistral winds bend the trees and shape the sandy mountains, pushing them inland, building and modifying the white expanses where superb sweet-scented and strong junipers grow.

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The Island of Sardinia
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