It is a huge over and underground museum, a collection of mine buildings and machines that arouse envy in the curators of other old mines in other European countries that have been transformed into museums and hostels.
Almost the complete mine works has been preserved in Montevecchio from the Piccalina site, built in a simple French liberty style under the prisons where, during the Great War, the Austrian soldiers were imprisoned to the Principe Tommaso Laveria, to the office buildings painted by the prisoners of war.
Nowadays it is possible to go down the mine shafts, visit the galleries, go up the old iron and wood galleries and walk in the woods which are invading the old mine works.
Unique landscapes overlooked by the Arcuentu Mountain which is a landmark for sailors. It is visible from kilometers away. Arcuentu is a huge basalt fortress, formed millions of years ago as a result of a volcanic eruption that affected the whole area.
A view of Montevecchio
ImageA view of Montevecchio
  This embattled tower, 784 meters high, is the common destination for the excursionists who are attracted by the views and by the legends which throughout centuries have been handed down; legends about creatures that live between the gorges and spires. The big basaltic retaining walls, formed as the result of the lava flow and erosion of the slopes are also very interesting. The so-called iron walls, ("murruferru" in Sardinian language), which are up to 1 meter wide, seem to be majestic fortifications built by man.
Man and nature have really molded Costa Verde with great originality. The whole south-western coast shows similar characteristics. Mining civilizations have left their unmistakable stamp all over the coastline from Buggerru as far as Masua.
Before finishing we must mention the appeal of Porto Flavia, with its galleries for the transport of ore which pass through the mountain and exit facing the sea, or the Henry gallery, one of the most spectacular routes with its small wagons that entered and exited from the sheer rocky ridge above the sea. As soon as the renovation has finished Porto Flavia will become an interesting tourist destination. Dunes and galleries, buildings and sea; this is the road of the old mines — which passes through deserted villages and mine works which testify to an epoch which has slipped into deterioration — a trip into the past and into a world full of charm and appeal.
  Porto Flavia
ImagePorto Flavia

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