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The port of Su Siccu
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 Introduction - Poetto beach - Tourist ports - The coast
Poetto beach

The Port of Marina Piccola
(lat. 39 12' N - long. 09 10' E)

This tourist port overlooks the bosom of Quartu, an inlet of the large Gulf of Cagliari. This port is situated on the Northern-Eastern side of the promontory of S. Elia Cape (identified by a dismantled tower on its top) at the foot of the hill of Sella del Diavolo (Saddle of the Devil). In fact it is saddle shaped and, according to legend, after a long hard battle, the Archangel Gabriele hurled the devil onto this hill. Golfo degli Angeli, which is the gulf of Cagliari, also got its name from this legend.

General information: Marina Piccola which is open to the North West, was recently renovated and enlarged and is mainly used by pleasure craft. This port is full of quays. At the entrance and in the middle the water is 3 meters deep. Along the Southern and Eastern quays and the 8 mooring piers the water is 2.5 meters deep. Outside the port, at about 50 meters. North East of the external harbor wall, there is at a depth of 2.1 meters a sand bar. At about 70 meters North West of the harbor wall, there is a sandbank. The water here is between 2 and 1.5 meters deep. The cross winds are of the I and II quadrant within the North East and South East sectors. This port is opened to the I and IV quadrant wind. When there are moorings available visiting boats can moor for a maximum of 5 days.

Restrictions: Anchoring and fishing are banned along the whole bosom of Quartu, including the area outside the Port of Marina Piccola at Poetto (the limits of which are shown on the map). This is because there are under water cables in this area.
Amenities: On the quay: water and electrical current. In the port: food, replacement gas bottles and Ship Chandlers. Repairs: boatyard for small and medium repairs, slip ways, crane (20 ton. Limit). Services: assistance with mooring, WC and shower and public telephones.
Nautical Clubs: "Gruppo Vela della Lega Navale Italiana"; Windsurfing Club and Cagliari Yacht Club.
Chart: I.I.M. n. 159-949-45. Piano n. 949/06
Nauticard: n. 2 002 S-2004 W-1019 S-1020 S-3223 S.
Distances: (shortest routes) Villasimius N M. 18-Cagliari NM.5-Marina Port of Capitana.
Maritime Authority: "Capitaneria del Porto di Cagliari" tel. +39 070/669467-8
Information: Motomar Sarda -tel.+39 070371422 Fax +39 070371485; UHF Service Channel 16, Work Channel 74.

The port of Su Siccu (lat.39 13' long. 09 07'E)

Su Siccu is a little tourist port. It is situated inside the Nuovo Bacino di Levante del porto di Cagliari (The new Levante Basin) in the port of Cagliari. Su Siccu is off V.le Cristoforo Colombo and near most of the main sporting clubs in Cagliari. V.le Cristoforo Colombo along which there is the Marina Militare Barracks, the Military Naval Base and Istituto Nautico Statale (State Nautical School) has a good bus service to and from the city center. A few hundred meters from Su Siccu on the hill of Bonaria there is the Basilica of Our Lady of Bonaria, the patron Saint of sailors. This Basilica was built in the first half of the XIV century next to the Sanctuary which dates from the 7th century. The Basilica has recently been renovated and many people come from all over the Island on pilgrimage to the statue of the Madonna di Bonaria.

Information: In the Nuovo Bacino di Levante of the Port of Cagliari, pleasure boats can only moor at Pennello Bonaria in the little port of Su Siccu at the mooring piers situated at the Trinitari Quay only, which is run by Lega Navale. Mooring is limited to the part of the quay nearest land, on the East side, up to bollard number 2, where the water is between 5 and 2 meters deep. The cross winds are of the II quadrant and cause undertow.
Restrictions: Anchoring (except at the provided structures) and fishing are banned inside the port.

Dangers :As the little port of Su Siccu is situated inside a large commercial port, maximum care is required. The harbor lights at the entrance to this little port can be mistaken for the lights of the city. Approaching and entering one must head northwards towards the lighthouse situated at the end of the Nuovo Molo di Ponente (New West Quay), leaving on the starboard side the buoy of the Nuovo Molo di Levante (New East Quay).
Amenities: On the quay: water - food, lubricating oil Ship Chandlers. Services slip ways - boatyard marine mechanics, electricians, garaging within the port of Cagliari (information: Lega Navale Italiana tel. +39 070300240), WC, public telephones and electrical current on the quay.

Nautical Clubs: Lega Navale Italiana, Società Canottieri Ichnusa, Rarinantes, d'Aquila.
Charts: I.I.M. n. 159-949-45-46-311-299.
Distances: (shortest routes): Marina Piccola at Poetto NM.5 Cala Verde NM.17

Maritime Authority: "Capitaneria del Porto di Cagliari" tel. +39 070669467-8

The port of Marina di Capitana

This is a private port situated in the middle of the Southern cost of Sardinia. Recently built, this port is sheltered in the South by an offshore quay and by an internal harbor wall. Inside this port there are 5 fixed piers situated in 2 large basins with quays.

Entry hours continuos
Seabed: good anchorage
Sea Depth: 3 meters at the quay
Mooring Places: 446 of which 93 are for visiting boats
Maximum length: 27 m.

Winds: I and II quadrant.
Cross Winds: I quadrant.
Services and Amenities: On the quay: fuel - water and electrical current telephone sockets. Slip way mobile crane (62 ton Limit) .- illuminated quays marine mechanics and electricians repairs for wooden and fiberglass boats private security force fire service weather forecasting WC and shower car parking public telephone.

Port Managers: Saromar srl Capitana, tel +39 070805460; Saromar, via del Pozzetto 5 Cagliari tel. +39 070373077-371385
Charts: I.I.M. n.159-949.44.45

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